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About Us

Bobobie Doll Mall is to offer BJD lovers Bobobie series dolls and all kinds of BJD fittings like wigs, eyes, clothing, shoes and other doll accessories. Bobobie has its own BJD designers and makers. Bobobie family will cover 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 and tiny dolls.


We strive to offer best service and dolls as we can. We hope that Bobobie Doll Mall will bring convenience and pleasure to every BJD lover around the world. Our greatest dream is to help every girl dreaming of having one doll to realize her dream.


Our old website is,  this website has been operating for about 8 years.  The old programs need to be updated.   So we make a new website, using new programs, which can bring more convenient service to customers.    At the same time we still let run, as there are lots of people like to visit the old website.    After some time, we will let direct to